5 Day Pouch Reset Diet

5 Best Tips for the 5 Day Pouch Reset Diet!

I’m going to say write it right here and now. I am on the fence about this 5 day pouch reset diet. I have several opinions about it, but we’re going to leave those for another post. In this post, we’re going to share some additional tips, our best tips, if you are considering the 5 day pouch reset diet. I do recommend weighing all (quite literally) the pros and cons when thinking about this basic diet.

And ask yourself why. Why do you feel you need to reset anything?

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5 Day Pouch Reset Diet

If you have valid reasons for doing so, then do it. Armed with these 5 additional tips to help you along your way, you should be most successful with your 5 day pouch reset diet.

5 Best Tips for the 5 Day Pouch Reset Diet

5 Day Pouch Reset Diet

1 – Up Your Water Intake.

Water is so important to our overall health, but most especially after WLS. You must be getting in (at the very least) your required ounces of water per day. Some folks differ on the amount of ounces, but most everyone agrees that water will aid in your weight loss success.

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Our weight and wellness program recommends taking in 64 ounces of water per day. That’s the old standard and it’s fairly tried and true. Some experts now say that taking in half your body weight in ounces of water per day will greatly add to your healthy being.

Either way? If whatever ounces you are drinking now doesn’t seem to be helping things along, up your water intake during your 5 day pouch reset diet and see what an awesome difference it makes for you.

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2 – Chew Your Food.

Chewing your food thoroughly is important in several ways, not just for the 5 day pouch reset diet. Chewing your food well enough can cause you to super duper enjoy what you are eating, aid in better digestion, and may help you feel fuller longer.

Test yourself with this. Take a bite and try to chew it 8-10 times (or more) before swallowing. Be conscious of the chewing and swallow your food slowly.

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3 – Don’t Drink 30/60 (before/after) Eating.

One of the more important items they stress regarding weight loss surgery is not to drink anything at least 30 minutes before a meal and for a whole hour after. This matters greatly in your overall weight loss success. But it wasn’t until I researched a little further before I understood the why of it, better.

If you drink before, during, or after a meal, you are potentially making more room in your belly that will have to be filled. You don’t want this false full belly. You don’t. If you are drinking your fluids when you shouldn’t be, you may cause yourself to feel more hungry because the food is being pushed – sliding down into your digestive system before it’s ready to be there.

This rule alone should keep your scale (and you) happy with the results. Try it now during your 5 day pouch reset diet and continue the rule after, too.

4 – Don’t Eat For Longer Than 20 Minutes.

While going through our weight and wellness program, we were instructed to take no longer than 20-30 minutes to eat our meals after WLS. And not to be distracted by (whatever) while enjoying our food either.

The importance of this is sorta pretty obvious. If you shovel food in, you may feel full faster, another false full belly that you don’t want. If you are taking an hour to eat your meal, this will impact you negatively, too, by causing your body to think you are grazing. And grazing is a definite no-no after weight loss surgery. Grazing is one of the many reasons many of us landed here to begin with.

Bottom line? 

Don’t shovel it in and don’t make it an event. It’s a meal, meant to fuel your body – we are eating to live, not living to eat. #truth And by not eating for longer than 20 minutes at a time may absolutely aid in your 5 day pouch reset diet success.

5 – Watch Your Portions.

Depending on where you are at on your weight loss surgery journey, your portions will be set accordingly. At six months out, I’m to have no more than 1 cup volume of food per meal. I stepped up to this from 1-2 tablespoons of food right after surgery.

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You need to make sure you are eating the correct portion and don’t over-do it. Your baby belly is just that, a baby belly, and you will do well to remember to treat it as such. Following this important tip during your 5 day pouch reset diet will help remind you of where you need to be (rather than where you want to be). Portion control is so important in all your life (finding that healthy balance in all things) but most especially now.

Know your portion requirements and stick to the plan.

You may also use this handy pie chart for your total health portions goals: 

Lose Weight

ALL of the above tips are great for aiding in your 5 day pouch reset diet success. However. If you use these, along with the diet, but then go back to old ways at the end of 5 days, you are kidding yourself. Get your mind back in the game and get focused on the end goal.

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No matter how you use this reset plan, incorporate these 5 additional tips and reap the rewards. Remember: be true to you, as you are the only one who matters in this regard.

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Are you ready for the 5 day pouch reset?




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  1. My self reset diet are: water/liquid fasting for 2 days, my body feels not longing for food at all, I can resist without it. After 2 days, drink water with empty stomach, grab my water container and do water therapy.

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