Daily Mileage

The Best Way to Increase Your Daily Mileage – Keep it Simple!

If you are looking to increase your daily mileage but aren’t sure how to do it without overwhelming yourself and/or your workout routine, no worries. We’re going to give you the best way to increase your daily mileage – and it also happens to be super easy. Just keep it simple.

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Daily Mileage

The BEST way to increase your daily mileage is to keep it simple. Increase your steps, your miles, your walking, by taking it a little bit at a time. We’re building up to marathons, not trying to complete them all at once.

The best way to increase your daily mileage?

  • Figure out your average daily mileage.
  • Step it up a quarter mile each day for your first week.
  • Continue stepping it up a quarter (to a half) mile each day each following week.

I’ve had folks tell me they can’t believe I’m walking 10+ miles per day. That it seems so daunting. Perhaps unrealistic?

It’s not. Now. But.

I began my daily miles only being able to complete 2 miles per day. I gradually (and over many weeks) worked up to 6 miles daily (read why 6 miles, here). From there, I established a new norm (making sure to complete my 6 miles daily) and then once again began to increase my daily mileage.

I am now walking anywhere from 8-12 miles daily. My goal is to average for the week, 70 miles – getting the bulk of that done within the first five days of a 7 day week. I am currently right around 60 miles per week. So I am focused on the increase, at least a quarter to a half mile per day.

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At this point, it’s simply moving more. I know I can do 10 miles daily, easy. I want to do 14 each day during the week and have the weekend to chill – if I want to. Up until recently, I was content to get my 42 miles in for the week by Thursday and then take the weekend as it came.

But as I am growing in stamina (while continuing to shrink), I find that it’s not a stretch to nail the 42 and then do 15-20 more by the whole week’s end. It doesn’t seem too much of a hassle to go an extra mile (or three) and it is definitely improving my ability to do more.

And more. 

I fully intend to get up to 70 miles per week and I’m keeping it simple.


The best way to increase your daily mileage?

Keep it simple. Increase gradually. Don’t overwhelm yourself with where you want to be. Focus on all the ways to get there. It’s a process, as with anything else. This is your life, live it well.

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