7/22/15 – Workout Proof

I had to be creative today because my knee is still kinda funky. I’m still not running, which is driving me nuts, but I blew out a crazy hard upper body workout in the weight room, followed by 20 minutes on the elliptical (which I HATE!). Honestly, I’m getting a bit nervous.  I know my patterns and know that too many days off is not good for me, even if it is injury related.  Managing my need to honor my body with my tendency to quit, so  I … Read more…

7/19/15 – Workout Proof

I had to completely take yesterday off because my knee was a swollen disaster, still not sure why, but I iced it and kept plugging the Motrin. Today it was much less stiff, much less swollen and definitely not as sore. So, what better way to ease back in than with a long car drive to the Polar Caves and an hour of cave exploring with my kid. Lots of climbing, bending, scootching, stepping and guess what… Back to icing it tonight BUT we had a BLAST!! And … Read more…

7/16/15 – Workout Proof

Workout Proof 7/16/15 – 8.01 wonderful miles! It was a beautiful, mild, breezy night and I felt like I could run forever!! It was another run across the Casco Bay bridge, this time right into South Portland and it was perfect. Lots of hills though, heading up Danforth Street is a killer!     Keep Moving,

7/15/15 – Workout Proof

No Workout Proof for me today. My left knee is really bothering me and I’m paying attention to my body and chose not to run. However, I still “worked out”. I sanded all my cabinets and applied 3 coats of paint. Let me tell ya, that was a pretty good upper body workout!       Keep Moving,

7/14/15 – Workout Proof

Workout Proof 7/14/15 – Because life does interfere sometimes, I spent the majority of my day in the process of redoing my kitchen – stripping and refinishing cabinets, prepping for wainscoting, painting, etc, so I didn’t get as many steps in across the morning as I generally do. BUT, no excuses, my daily goal remains 15,000, so I left my house around 7:00 and hoofed downtown and across the Casco Bay Bridge. Total distance was just under 7. Total for the day – 19,783 steps and 8.16 miles. … Read more…

7/13/15 – Workout Proof

7/13/15 Workout Proof - Colette

Tonight was miserable, plain and simple, it was just miserable. The ball of my left foot is really sore because I did 7+ miles yesterday in the wrong sneakers, so I had that to contend with, but in all honestly, my head just wasn’t in it tonight. The other issue I keep coming up against, and NEED to formally address, is finding an appropriate and structured training plan that I can follow. I need to figure out what my goals are, then go from there. But, 4 more … Read more…

7/11/15 – Workout Proof

Colette - Workout Proof 7.11.15

Workout Proof 7/11/15 – I’m not an exercise physiologist, not a trainer, I just kinda run what I run. So, today that’s just what I did, I got on the treadmill and did intervals again – my walk was 4.0 for a minute and my run was 6.0 for 3 minutes. Then because I had time, I did hill repeats for 10 minutes. Total run – 3 miles. Keep moving,

7/12/15 – Workout Proof

Colette - Workout Proof 7.12.15

Workout Proof 7/12/15 –  I held off as long as possible, it was ridiculously hot and humid today!!  But, I managed to finish a walk/run of 7.41 miles.  I was hot, I was sweaty, I was downright disgusting, but I was also crazy happy I got it done. Keep moving,

Workout Proof – What is It and Why It Matters to Me

Work Out Proof

I’m a behaviorist by profession and a data nerd by choice, so documentation is key for me. So… I do Workout Proofs.  Workout Proofs came about because I was working with a trainer who believed this kind of “data” would track progress and help develop future training plans. Workout Proofs are simple, just a quick note to document my workout.  The content of each Workout Proof can vary, but I choose to include the details of the workout itself, and a pic if possible.  (I actually love going back … Read more…