7/11/15 – Workout Proof

Colette - Workout Proof 7.11.15

Workout Proof 7/11/15 – I’m not an exercise physiologist, not a trainer, I just kinda run what I run. So, today that’s just what I did, I got on the treadmill and did intervals again – my walk was 4.0 for a minute and my run was 6.0 for 3 minutes. Then because I had time, I did hill repeats for 10 minutes. Total run – 3 miles. Keep moving,

7/12/15 – Workout Proof

Colette - Workout Proof 7.12.15

Workout Proof 7/12/15 –  I held off as long as possible, it was ridiculously hot and humid today!!  But, I managed to finish a walk/run of 7.41 miles.  I was hot, I was sweaty, I was downright disgusting, but I was also crazy happy I got it done. Keep moving,

Doing 6 Miles Daily

Doing 6 miles daily

C (that’s short for Colette, which I find difficult to type out, I’ll explain that further along…) mentioned the other day (I’ll be starting lots of posts in much this same manner and with a terrifically conversational tone, too…) that she keeps forgetting that it’s: 6 miles daily. Not a 6 mile work out. But 6 miles total. Daily. Great point, my friend. Perhaps, we should tell the folks about my concept in a little more detail. Because doing 6 miles daily may seem like a lot. Especially … Read more…

Workout Proof – What is It and Why It Matters to Me

Work Out Proof

I’m a behaviorist by profession and a data nerd by choice, so documentation is key for me. So… I do Workout Proofs.  Workout Proofs came about because I was working with a trainer who believed this kind of “data” would track progress and help develop future training plans. Workout Proofs are simple, just a quick note to document my workout.  The content of each Workout Proof can vary, but I choose to include the details of the workout itself, and a pic if possible.  (I actually love going back … Read more…