Sorry We are Closed – for the week!

That’s right. Closed for the week. I know, I know, we just got (re) started here at 6 Miles Daily. Rest assured, we aren’t going to lose any momentum. I’m just not going to be able to be here, beginning Wednesday and for the rest of the week. I’ll be explaining fully in a blog post planned for May 18th.


May 18th.

My birthday AND Anniversary.

This year will be so much different than it has ever been before. Which I can’t tell you until then. Though it is making me crazy to keep it. But I’ve kept this secret since October, I can wait another week.

So. Even though we are technically closed for the week, I didn’t want to leave you hangin’…

Let’s enjoy a few of my favorite posts from here and our sister sites…

8 Posts to Keep You While We’re Closed:

(1) 8 Healthy Breakfasts for You


Breakfast, it really IS the most important meal of the day. So just do it. Here are some healthy choices for you. YAY!

(2) 8 Fun Facts About the Number 8

Sorry We Are Closed - 8 fun facts about the number 8

This post is one of my favorites, originally published on Yahoo. It just may give you some serious insight about my relationship with this little number!

(3) Honey Yogurt Avocado Dip


This one is one of Tina’s most recent. Shared over 600 times, it’s a definite hit, here and around the inter-tubes! YUM!

(4) Fabulous French Memory Board for Under $15


One of my favorite posts, because I got to show off my crafty side – such as it is! We had so much fun making these AND being frugal!

(5) The Daily 2 Minute Room Tidy Rule for Tweens


This popular Pinterest post was just one part of our Mags Room Challenge and we are still using this rule one year later. For the most part? She’s kept things pretty darn neat! SWEET!

(6) Are You a Slave to the Scale? 


I do love to watch the numbers go down, but daily weighing in is not healthy. Find out why you need to break that habit, fast!

(7) Succulent Marinated Chicken Breast


One of Tina’s most popular posts of all time, best married breasts around. Seriously. Just add grill!

(8) 8 Delectable Desserts – with a few good friends!


This post is part of a recent series in which Tina gave me 9 foodie friends to show off while she was in Florida. What fun we had (because I’m pretending that I actually got to visit each and every one)!

Lots of AWEsome reads for you while I’m gone. You may not even miss me. But I shall return – May 18th! Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing some pretty freakin’ exciting news!

For my health and yours,





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