Sagging Skin

3 Key Ways to Deal with Sagging Skin w/out Surgery!

If you are losing weight rapidly, you may also be dealing with sagging skin. It’s no fun. Most anyone who has esteem issues stemming from being overweight to begin with, can be quite discouraged to discover all this extra skin hanging (literally) around once they reach their goal. For many, surgery is the best option. However, there are several key ways to deal with sagging skin without going under the knife. If you want better results, you must work better at it.

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I’m not here to talk anyone out of having plastic surgery. Chances are, even employing all three of these key ways to help reduce sagging skin, I will still need to have some cosmetic surgery. I accept that. But I am also a long way out from that. I am working daily to reduce the amount of sagging skin I’ll have once I reach my ideal weight.

Note: I did not say goal weight. Find out why, here!

Sagging Skin

These sagging skin helps are just that. Helps for dealing with the sagging skin issue as you shrink. I swear by all three and believe all three have serious benefits beyond what you can physically see. So let’s talk about how you can deal with and reduce your sagging skin without surgery.

3 Key Ways to Deal with Sagging Skin without Surgery:

drink-water-sagging-skin1 – Drink Your Water.

For so many reasons, making sure you get your daily recommended of water is super important. It may sound upside down and backwards to consider drinking MORE water than you already are, but employing this tool will help you lose more weight, keep it off, and absolutely help keep your skin supple as you shrink, reducing the amount of sagging skin you have, over all. If you are unsure just how much water you are drinking each day, pick a day to catalog it and be honest (you are only hurting yourself if you aren’t).

Recently, I realized that I may not be getting enough fluids in and I wanted to see if I could increase it without drowning. Yep, you can drown from taking in too much water, but this is extreme, and hopefully you are spacing out your fluid intake throughout the day. Once I began keeping better track (with my FitBit app), I felt better, am noticing a difference in my body inches-wise, and dropped 5 pounds in two days. The benefits are physical and psychological, which can only help in the long run with any weight loss journey.

2 – Get Moving.Move More - Sagging Skin

Develop a good workout routine while you are rapidly losing. Plenty of cardio and some serious weight training and you will absolutely notice a difference in your sagging skin. For the better. You will also want to make sure that the exercise you are doing is safe for you – whatever stage you are at in your weight loss journey.

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You’ll also want to mix it up a bit, so as to not let your body get too comfortable with any one exercise. Cardio (walking, running, swimming) is important for most of the days of the week (5-6 days, resting at least one day per week to allow your body time to recover), but you want to build a solid weight training program to begin building muscles as  you lose. This will seriously aid in reducing the amount of sagging skin you have, as you shrink.

If you can’t hire a personal trainer to help you with this, you can still build those muscles. Search online for something that works for you, makes sense to you, and go from there. There are a ton of YouTube videos that can show you how to use weights safely and effectively. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it has to be all or nothing. Begin slowly and build up. You may be pleasantly surprised at what your body can do. Remember to alternate upper body and lower, throughout.

Compression - Sagging Skin3 – Wear Your Compression.

If you aren’t aware of the benefits of wearing compression garments as you rapidly shrink, I’ll be talking more about that, later in the week (with pics of me wearing mine).

The short version? Compressing your body as you lose, may help redistribute those nasty fat cells and significantly reduce the amount of sagging skin you are left with once you reach your ideal weight. I am a huge believer in this, as I have personally seen the results of using compression garments to help you reduce sagging skin and in general feel better about your body.

I swear by my compression garments and wear them daily. I tend to wear them during my workouts and most nights, I wear them to bed. Not only am I dropping pounds…

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…but the inches are melting off me, as well. And think about it. If you are wearing your compression garments while you weight train, the muscle you are building will be just under that top layer of skin, causing your sagging skin to be less noticeable, even when you aren’t wearing any compression.

Plastic surgeons around the world rely on compression garments to help their patients heal after surgery. And even if you still need plastics after you reach your ideal weight, you may notice that it is much less than if you hadn’t sucked it all in throughout your weight loss journey.

I am so in love with my compression garments that I have written to the company I buy them from and gushed a’plenty. They were kind enough to let me share with you a coupon code so that you may give compression a try, too. I’ll share that code down below.

And please note. I have no ulterior motives in offering you a discount for ordering through Isavela. If you subscribe to the theory that compressing does help reduce sagging skin, then why wouldn’t you want to save money on something you were going to buy anyway?!

Bottom line?

That’s it. 3 key ways to deal with sagging skin without surgery. I’m not telling you that you’ll be saggy-skin-free, but you can seriously reduce the amount by trying any one or (as I recommend) all three. Good luck to you on your weight loss journey and in all you do, always.

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These folks are backed by nearly 10 years of leading the industry in compression wear. Though they have focused much of their attention on providing garments to patients of plastic surgeons and WLS, they work really hard to ensure everyone who needs compression, gets it. And if I sound like a commercial for them, I may just be. When I find something I love, that works for me, I tend to gush about it. As I blogger, I am fortunate to have a voice that allows me to bring you the best quality for your needs (whatever that may be, in this instance: COMPRESSION).

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