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Dining Out? What to Say If Waitstaff Asks – LAWLS

Everyone who has had weight loss surgery knows how daunting dining out can be. Most of us are food addicts and the plethora of menu items can be a tad overwhelming if you aren’t prepared ahead of time. This also counts for what your waitstaff may say to you when ordering your meal. Some folks (after WLS) obtain a special card that allows them to choose foods from the kid’s menu. This may or may not make dining out easier.

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Seriously. I’m on the fence with this. Even though many restaurants now have plenty of healthy options on their kid’s menu, I am still reluctant to order from there. I don’t mind ordering a regular meal and taking home leftovers. Heck, when I first began really dining out again, I would take 2/3 of my meal home and have plenty to eat for several more meals. I never did like leftovers, depending on what it was, but these days I don’t mind at all.

The husband appreciates his cheaper date, too. I don’t drink (I can, I just don’t see the point) alcohol, we don’t order a bunch of appetizers before the meal, and I’m not choosing something sweet at the end. Comparing my meal choices after WLS to the before and we probably could have fed several small countries with all the food we used to order when dining out.

Dining Out

Dining Out? What to say if Waitstaff asks

No matter the circumstances, you may run into questions from the waitstaff when dining out. I’ve only ever had one confused waiter come back to the table to make sure we had ordered everything correctly. My dinner mates had ordered apps and drinks and the meal and I had ordered one thing from the appetizer menu. He came back to the table just to make sure he was clear about our order. At that point, I had to say something.

I kept it simple.

“Yes, thank you. I recently had stomach surgery and cannot eat a large volume of food at any one time.”

That’s it. No need for any more detail than that.

You certainly can provide your waitstaff with more information when dining out. I just haven’t felt the need to do so. I’m not afraid to expound upon this life-changing event, but mostly I just want to enjoy a good dinner out with my husband.

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I also pay attention to what comes with the meal. We have a favorite watering hole that we frequent. I like their omelettes (and their wedge salad? YUM) but don’t have any use for the toast or home fries. Plus? The omelette is so big that I can get 5 or 6 meals out of it. So they know now that when I order my favorite omelette (cheese, sausage, onions, and mushrooms) to simply leave off the plate the other stuff. I don’t have any desire to eat what I can’t (or shouldn’t) have, but there is no need for added temptation, either.

So yah. There doesn’t need to be any struggle when dining out. You are much better off cooking at home, but if you do venture out, choose your meal carefully, and expect to take home your leftovers. If there is any question from waitstaff when ordering (or throughout the meal) just keep it simple. Just as it wasn’t their job to judge you before WLS, the same applies for after.

If you don’t make it a thing, it won’t be a thing. Just keep it simple and enjoy your meal.

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What do YOU say to waitstaff when dining out?



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