Doing 6 miles daily

Doing 6 Miles Daily

C (that’s short for Colette, which I find difficult to type out, I’ll explain that further along…) mentioned the other day (I’ll be starting lots of posts in much this same manner and with a terrifically conversational tone, too…) that she keeps forgetting that it’s:

6 miles daily.

Not a 6 mile work out. But 6 miles total. Daily. Great point, my friend. Perhaps, we should tell the folks about my concept in a little more detail. Because doing 6 miles daily may seem like a lot. Especially if you are, like me, not without limitations. Doing 6 miles daily could feel like the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced.

(trust me, I’ve been there and not too long ago…)

Doing 6 miles daily

So. How exactly are we doing 6 miles daily?

It’s easy.

No really. It is.

Look. You are going to have to trust me about this. Not only am I dealing with a plethora (that is too darn many, people) of chronic conditions, but I have done or tried or failed and sometimes succeeded (if only for a short time) with a fairly large amount of weight loss “things”.

And this isn’t one of them. Weight loss related, I mean.

Doing 6 miles daily.

This is about simply moving your body more. Moving more, being active, and discovering that if you are doing 6 miles daily, you will be healthier.


This isn’t about losing a bunch of weight. It’s not a scheme, scam or sham. It’s real. And it works.

ALL you have to do is 6 miles daily.

However that shakes out.

The point is that many of us (especially those who may wear shoes similar to mine) simply don’t move enough. And as we know, this simply isn’t good enough to keep our bodies healthy. So, I went back to what I remembered the fabulous Will Smith (yah, that guy) said once (he was being interviewed and someone asked him what his workout regimen was).

We’ll get more into HOW we’ll all be doing 6 miles daily, very soon. But for now? Just move more.

This week, my goal has been to reach 3 miles per day – yes, I’m still working up to 6 miles daily. I am proud to say that I am right on target for the week with one day left. In fact, I’ll be ahead by tomorrow and will get to chill a little, if I choose. Something else we’ll get into (ya can’t work out 7 days straight and have it benefit you long term) as we go.

Doing 6 Miles Daily

So. Are we good now?

Doing 6 miles daily.

Just move more. It’s easy and we’re all going to do it. I said. YAY!

For your health and mine,




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How do you move more?



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