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18+ Finger Foods – Party-Pleasing, Bariatric-Friendly – a Pinterest Roundup

It’s party time, people. And you need finger foods. Well. Maybe not need them. But wanting is okay, too. As long as you know you can eat those tasty treats, you can then be prepared to share them with others. If you’ve got party plans and need something to bring, you’ll find some seriously scrumptious choices with this bariatric-friendly roundup from Pinterest.

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Finger Foods

Let’s not waste another minute. We’ve got parties to plan!

18+ Finger Foods – Party Pleasing and Bariatric-Friendly!

1 – Salami Cream Cheese Bites 

Finger Foods

Salami with cream cheese is good any time of the year and it’s a tasty treat that is very bariatric-friendly. Not only is this finger food easy to make, add the olive on top and you just got some extra yummy for your tummy as the flavors explode in your mouth. If you can’t tell? I’m a fan.

2 – Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Mushrooms 

Finger Foods

Omgosh, I love stuffed mushrooms. What a fabulous treat that won’t fill you up with unnecessary calories AND it has a fiery kick. While I don’t happen to be a spicy pepper fan, I know plenty of folks (like my roommates Hubs and M) that are. Bariatric-friendly and definitely a party-pleasing appetizer.

3 – Bacon Cheeseburger Balls

finger foods

Meat balls stuffed with bacon and cheese? Yes, please. Better than just any old meatball, these yummo bites are melt in your mouth good. Quick and easy to make and for sure to please at your next holiday party. I do believe my banana belly might actually be grumbling. Hmmm, might have to switch up the dinner plans and go bacon, cheese, meat. There is nothing wrong with that.

4 – Slow Cooker Creamy Bean and Cheese Dip

Finger Foods

Every great holiday party should have at least one dip and this one is no slouch. Low-carb and slow-cooked to give you all the flavors with no guilt. Try flat pretzels, bite-size pretzels, or kale chips with this delicious dip. Bring this to your next party and keep them coming back for more.

5 – Stuffed Cucumber Bites

Finger Foods

These are totally adorable and so yummy, too. Cute little cucumber bites that are easier to whip up than you think. They’ll be a healthy hit at any holiday party you host or attend. If you want to leave the tomatoes, try carrots on top. Festive, fabulous, and for all your guests to enjoy!

6 – Cheesy Broccoli Bites 

Finger Foods

I love broccoli and so adding cheese (super duper love that stuff, too) to it is a win-win for me. And they look so YUM. A perfect snacky addition to any holiday affair.

7 – Cauliflower Cheddar Bacon Bites

Finger Foods

Cauliflower is so darn versatile, I had no idea until WLS. Bringing cheddar and bacon into the equation is another winning combo for me. And again, a truly tasty treat for your party guests to enjoy. Just look at all that cuteness just waiting for your fingers to grab and go.

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8 – Quick and Easy Deviled Eggs

Finger Foods

I know it’s deviled eggs. And I know it’s not summertime. But deviled eggs are good any time of the year and they are a near perfect bariatric treat. An absolutely yummy addition to any finger foods array. Quick and easy and so darn good.

9 – Pizza Wontons

Finger Foods

Oh how thankful I am for wontons. There are so many amazing ideas for what to put in your wontons. These pizza wonton cups will be the hit of any holiday party – the chill finger food you might be over-looking.

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10 – Pumpkin Pie Energy Bites

Finger Foods

Maybe you’re thinking energy bites and parties don’t really go. But think about it. You want to make it through the party, right? And pumpkin pie is good any time of day or night. So party on, get your sweets, and have enough energy to enjoy the whole thing!

11 – Buffalo Chicken Bites 

Finger Foods

MmMmm. All these bites of so many good things. Buffalo chicken bites simply have to be on the menu of finger foods. So easy, so yummy, and so darn good for you, too.

12 – BLT Nibbles 

Finger Foods

These little nibbles are full of good things and good for you, too. You’ll be the toast of your holiday party and if the cook who came up with these treats is any indication, your guests will be screaming for more.

13 – Bacon Chicken Teriyaki Skewers

Finger Foods

If you are a year-round griller, then fire it up and let’s skew some bacon-wrapped chicken for your next holiday shindig. Your partiers will rave about your culinary skills and be full up with these healthy sticks of chicken (and bacon. I said. Bacon.)

14 – Hot Artichoke Parmesan Spread

Finger Foods - Deliciously savory and creamy dip featuring the flavors of artichoke hearts and spinach married with melted robust parmesan cheese. Served with a side of toasted garlic naan bread. Shallow dof

Oh my goodness, so much GOODness with this warm and tasty artichoke dip. The perfect complement for just about any side you lay out with it. Great with veggies, pita chips, flat bread, or how about whipping up some wontons chips…you’ll find that super duper easy recipe right below.

15 – Cheddar Basil Wonton Crackers

Finger Foods

We love wontons around here. And I’ve made cheese crisp crackers, before. But I hadn’t thought to use wontons to make crackers. And you can spice them up however you choose. These with the dip above? Yum. Just YUM! Or you can try them with this healthy good dip below.

16 – Easy Low-Carb Chicken Dip

Finger Foods

We love low-carb and better still if it’s easy. Add your chicken and you’ve got a great dip for just about anything you pair it with. And what a great change up from all the other dips, get your protein right here!

17 – Strawberry Cannoli Santas

Finger Foods

Look at the totes adorbs little Santas. Bite size and the perfect blend of sweet and creamy are what makes up this cute treat. Festive and on the healthy side. What a scrumptious little bite of heaven. Easier to whip up than you make think, too. Enjoy!

18 – Pinwheels

Finger Foods

Pinwheels. The ultimate finger food. You can stuff them full of so many things and they are so quick to make, yielding plenty for your finger foods table and for all the guests to gobble them right up. Check out this cream cheese and pepper filling here, but don’t stop there. Get creative and get to pinwheeling. Your holiday partiers will thank you.

18+ Finger Foods is what I promised – here are a yummy bunch more:

Fingers Foods and Snacks from The Gluten-Free Foodsmith.

From the Gluten-Free Foodsmith. Some of these 50+ snacks may be more bariatric-friendly than others, but they are all gluten-free and so darn delicious. Thanks for letting us stop by and see your goodies, my friend.

Meet Tina here!

What a great list. And you may note, you can have many of these tasty treats any time of the year. If you are aiming at healthier for the holidays and all the way through the new year, we’ve got you covered!

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What finger foods will you serve at your next holiday party?



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