Fitbit Has a New Stat – it will keep you moving all day!

Fitbit has a new stat. Have you seen it? Along with keeping track of your sleep, food, other exercise, and of course your steps, Fitbit now challenges you to move more between the hours of 9am and 6pm. Just 250 steps per hour. That’s it. Well, that’s the default.

Fitbit has a new stat

As you can see above – the default (I nailed 9/9 this past Monday). And after I’ve adjusted it to 4am-6pm. Better average showing, once I increased it. 

You can actually set your hourly 250 steps up to 14 hours of your day. And Fitbit will calculate your daily – how many hours out of the set amount did you do PLUS average it out for the week…

YAY! Another way to keep you moving all day long. And it’s just 250 steps per hour. That’s easy peasy like pie…

(pie is fine, as long as you aren’t overdoing it)

I am so stoked that Fitbit has a new stat AND that’s it’s adjustable to fit your individual day. Thrilled that it’s this super tiny motivating way to encourage more movement. I just had to share it with all of you.

And HOW easy is it to get those 250 steps per hour? Depending on your activity level, it should only take you a minute or three to walk those 250 steps. Set your goal accordingly and walk it!

Bottom line?

Fitbit has a new stat and it is designed to get you moving and keep you moving all day long. Come on, who’s with me? Just 250 steps per hour and toward your total daily step goal (whatever that may be). Brilliant. Happy steppin’…

For your health and mine,





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How are YOU moving more?



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