Fix Constipation fast with any one or more of these 5 easy ways - plus a bonus tip - psychologically speaking!

5 Ways to Fix Constipation Fast! + One Bonus Tip (psychologically speaking)

A lot of us struggle with constipation after weight loss surgery and there is so much information to be had about how to fix it. It’s an icky subject, but must be discussed if you wish to enjoy the go, again. I have done my homework and have also gotten lots of tips from fellow LAWLS folks; the following is my best summary about how to fix constipation, fast! Even if you haven’t had WLS, you may still find one or more items on this list that can work for you.

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Fix Constipation fast with any one or more of these 5 easy ways - plus a bonus tip - psychologically speaking!

5 Ways to Fix Constipation Fast!

1 – Get to stepping.

Fix Constipation Fast

Walk. However long and as best you can, get your body moving. It has been said that walking to relieve constipation is one of the best natural ways to fix it. Give yourself a little challenge and walk 250 steps (around 1-3 minutes) every hour you’re awake. Not only will it help your loss weight, it can help your digestive health, as well.

2 – Drink your water.

5 Ways to fix constipation fast!

While we know it is important to get our 64 oz. daily of this stuff to aid in our weight loss, drinking plenty of water throughout the day may also help you fix constipation. Remember, sipping is best. Sip your water all day long and reap the rewards for your efforts.

3 – Get your fiber fix.

5 Ways to fix constipation fast!

For those who have had weight loss surgery, getting our fiber in can be a challenge. But fiber is a great fix for constipation and you may be surprised at all the ways in which you can sneak fiber into your diet.

5 fiber foods for you:

  • Cooked veggies (i.e. broccoli, cawliflower)
  • Flaxseed (ground up, you can sprinkle this into shakes or on most any food)
  • Strawberries (LAWLS folks, remember: when your program says you can have raw fruit)
  • Refried Beans (a fine protein source, too)
  • Peanut Butter (again, only if you are allowed this as you work through your stages of eating)

You may also try a fiber supplement, though I recommend discussing the best one for you, with your doctor.

4 – Miralax.

5 Ways to fix constipation fast!

I know the bottle says you may only take this stuff once a day and for no more than a week. I am fairly sure that they have to cover their booties with this, so folks don’t over do it. However, I have it from many LAWLS-ers that it is fine to take every day. Some people even double up the dose (twice a day) and have no issues with either the Miralax or enjoying a relief from constipation. This was also recommended to me by my doctor’s office and I feel confident passing this along to you. Miralax may take a day or three to get into your system, but it does work to fix constipation.

5 – Fleet Suppositories.

5 Ways to fix constipation fast!

I don’t think any of us want to resort to this uncomfortable idea. But it may be in your best interest to give this a try if you have been unsuccessful with any of the other above. It does work and pretty much immediately; however, I don’t recommend using it for more than a day or three. Again, check with your doctor if you are unsure about using suppositories, either after WLS or in general. Best to be safe than sorry.

*BONUS TIP* psychologically speaking…

Try not to work yourself up over having constipation. Of COURSE it’s easier said than done. But as with most things throughout our lives, if you psych yourself up about it, chances are you’ll suffer the consequences. And no one doesn’t enjoy the go (far as I know). Just take a deep breath and let your body do its job. Isn’t it funny (awesome) how our bodies work for us? Take that and use it to your advantage. Your body (mind and spirit, too) thanks you!

And there you have it. 5 ways to fix constipation plus a bonus mind game to play with yourself. No one likes talking about constipation but it must be discussed if you are to have any relief at all.

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