I am a Food Addict – How I Live In Spite of Myself!

I am a food addict and the following is how I live in spite of that addiction, in spite of myself.

NOTHING gets my day going like a nice cold Spark, my morning run, and my daily 30-45 min exercise/weight lifting. I have come a long way in a short amount of time and I refuse to fail at the healthiest best me I can be.

food addict

Everyday isn’t all roses but I push on and I’m happy with where I’ve made it so far. I have battled something I was unaware of until I started this journey. I am a food addict.

Most may not understand the depth that this goes, but let me tell you it’s real and it’s a struggle. It’s not like other addictions you just stop doing. You (we all) need food to survive.

So I have to find foods that are good for me and that are good fuel for my body. I find myself having to beat the craving demons down on a regular basis.

Carbs are my biggest issue. And even though I don’t eat them (or a lot of them very often) I still battle with it. I try to find health alternatives such as zucchini – also known as Zoodles – to replace any type of pasta in a recipe that I am cooking. I try to avoid breads altogether because that would be the slippery slope to falling right back into that addictive behavior and bad eating habits.

I am a food addict.

My way may not be for everyone; however, if I find it to be a trigger for me I try and just avoid it all together.

I don’t drink anything carbonated and haven’t in 11.5 months. I have also found an alternative for my sweet tea and I haven’t drank that in 11.5 months, as well.

I am a food addict and this is how I live in spite of myself.

Something that has pushed me forward regularly on this journey was remembering where I came from and where I want to go. Looking forward and not dwelling on the slip-ups we all have (or will have) allows me to know that I am not a failure – just human.

If you are struggling with getting healthy, just looking for someone to walk this journey with or someone to hold you accountable, I’m your girl. I need accountability sometimes too. If you relate to any of this, know that being a food addict is very real and you can absolutely live with it – in spite of yourself.

Healthfully yours,





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Are you a food addict, too?



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