Do You Have a Goal Weight? 3 Reasons to Forget that Number!

If you are working toward a healthier you, you may have a goal weight in mind. You’ve done the math and you know what you want your goal weight to be. It’s good to have goals, something to work for. But I’m here to share with you 3 reasons you should forget that goal weight number. It’s just a number, after all. I’ll even go so far as to say, go ahead and keep that goal weight number in mind. But don’t marry it.


And here’s why…

3 Reasons to Throw Away Your Goal Weight Number

  1. It may be unrealistic to try and strive for that goal weight. How did you arrive at the number, anyway? What you think you should weigh? What society thinks…what you WANT to weigh? Instead, set small rewards for each milestone. Especially if you are just beginning your healthy journey. Lose ten pounds? Go pamper your feet. Lose 30? Buy a new outfit. It is better to set rewards (I’ll be sharing my rewards list, soon) than to work toward what may actually be an unhealthy number.
  2. You may want one number on the scale, your body may do another. Ultimately and as you work toward a healthier you, your body will tell you what your goal weight should be. I’m not telling you to be lazy in your journey (if you’ve had WLS, your tool is working for you, still, you have to work it, too), but if you work your new healthy and your body doesn’t agree with what your head says that goal weight should be, don’t fret. Psychologically, you’re doing more damage by thinking, rather than doing. Stay the course and you will reach your perfect weight!
  3. Your goal weight is not healthy for you. Whatever number you’ve decided you want to be, may just be NOT the number you can healthfully achieve. You are setting yourself up for failure (and as a fat girl, I’ve done it time and again) and if you want to succeed, you need to be focused on what is healthy, not hurtful for your goal weight. You are on this journey to be healthy, not to do further damage to your body, mind, and spirit. If you absolutely must have a goal weight number, make sure you are doing so in a way that is in keeping with your overall good health.

ALL that said? I have a goal weight in mind. I know where I was (long ago) at a certain weight and I would like to be in that area again. However. I am 20 years older, a whole lot wiser, and I know that if I don’t reach that specific number, as long as I am healthy and fit, I will be blessed with whatever number the scale gives me (what I have given myself by working so hard to just be healthier). 

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Your focus should be on the journey, not the end. And whatever your goal weight is, it’s just a number. To that end, you’ll eventually know where you fit (and are fit) and your body will thank you!

For your health and mine,






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