Head Pain

Head Pain: 3 Years and Counting – San Journals 14

continued from journal 13…

3 years have passed since the first head pain. The head pain that never went away. 3 years and counting.

October 8th marked three years that I’ve had a pain in my head. If I hadn’t lived through it, I never would have believed that a person could exist with head pain for more than a day or three. Even a month. Throughout this whole sickness, I’ve had other chronic pain. To be in constant pain isn’t fun for anyone. But the head pain…

Head Pain

…three years and counting? It’s insane. And still there.

The head pain.

These days, however, I am blessed to have the least amount of head pain of this weird path I’m on. The least amount, a livable amount.

Today? It’s a comfortable pain level 2 that doesn’t ramp up but a couple times a month. Which I plan for and execute accordingly. I am blessed. I said.

I almost didn’t realize this third anniversary of the day I woke up with a sinus infection and headache. A friend of mine texted me and mentioned she was suffering a migraine and how on earth had I gone this long with a continuous pain in my head.

It hasn’t been easy.

But it is better.

From where I was to what I’ve become and all that had to happen to get to here.

Head pain. 3 years and counting. I am blessed.

For your health and mine,





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