Hitting Goals and Staying Focused

Hitting Goals and Staying Focused!

Boy HOWDY, we are off and running here at 6 miles daily and I couldn’t be more excited. AND thrilled for the push that Colette is giving me to finally get this going. She keeps apologizing, mostly because she has absolutely no idea what it takes on the back end to make a functional website actually function (her words). But it’s also a good thing because up until we did this thing together, she really had no idea what it is I DO for a living. So I’m dragging her into my world and she’s doing the same for me into hers – which is to simply keep me moving and MORE.

Hitting Goals and Staying Focused

Today, I am here to share my reward for hitting goals last week and then to talk a bit about staying focused.

I’m not sure if you know, but I am not yet doing 6 miles daily.

There. I said it. It’s out there, now. Whew. No big secret, really. But you need to know so as not to be confused as I work up to 6 miles daily.

There are lots of reasons why I am working up to it and I’ll be talking about those as we go. But I AM working toward the whole point of this site; and hitting my goal of 3 miles per day last week was a huge milestone for me. I’ve been wearing my FitBit Flex since March 2nd, but have only recently begun moving more than the norm.

(my norm was about a mile per day, on the average)

I’m not calling it “working out”, yet.

I walk.

I move my body as much as I can throughout the day. Every day. More so than I did the week before. I set a goal for the week, average out the days, and work to meet that goal. For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been hitting goals and staying focused.

  • The first week, all I did was gather my base line (the norm).
  • The second week, I bumped it up and my goal was to average 1.5 miles per day. Did that easy.
  • The third week, my goal was 2 miles per day. Nailed it again. Went over, even. As you can see from the pic below.

This past week?

San - Week 3 Goal - Done!Look at that. Isn’t it pretty?

And yes, that is my reward. Seeing my results, the data (I’m a data nerd like C), and being able to assess how I’ll improve from there.

Now. This week is going to be slightly tougher. But only just. I have to manage 4 miles per day. (I’ll be doing 6 miles daily before you know it.)

I actually did that 3 times last week – 4 miles per day. And I know I could have done it more.


Because I do have chronic conditions, I am taking it slowly and consistently. Besides the fact that I know me (before I got sick) and can tend to taper off to nothing if overwhelmed, I literally can’t do too much too fast – my body is no longer able to handle that.

I know. You see the word “can’t” and you panic. Don’t.

In this instance, I’m being smart. I’m building up my ability to do this. To be able to easily DO 6 miles daily. It can be done. I know this.

Look at me, I did half that last week daily, barely breaking a sweat…

…okay, I sweat. It’s gross. And soon enough, I’m going to share more of that with you, too.

But let’s talk about staying focused for a minute.

I know that life gets crazy and busy and insanely not about taking care of you first.

What if you reversed the order of all that for a little while and focused on taking care of you – first?

Staying focused on that most important piece may just make the rest of it not so crazy and busy and actually have it be much more easily manageable. It’s your health and you are worth it.

I am the first to admit that it’s hard. We could compare – minute by minute – our daily TA-Do, and I betcha your life is no more or less overwhelming than mine. On the whole. For real.

Admit that and it’s your first step toward hitting goals and staying focused. Take that first step…

For your health and mine,





4 miles per day this week, who’s with me?



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