Meet Mandy – Our Newest 6 Miles Daily Contributor!

We have a new contributor here at 6 Miles Daily and I thought it would be nice to sit down with her and get to know her a little better. We are always looking for folks who want to share at any of our three sites. With Mandy’s background, we believe she’ll fit right in with the rest of us, aiming for a healthy life, for her and her family. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Let’s get to know Mandy a little more.


As you might note, Mandy would, for the time being, like to keep a little anonymity. She does have so much to share, and you will get to know her well. Through her writing and insight about many health-related topics you’ll soon see why she is a great addition to our little family, here.

So I asked our newest contributor a few questions to break the ice. Here’s what she had to say…

Meet Mandy, Our Newest 6 Miles Daily Contributor!

1. Who are you and where are you?

Hello everyone. My name is Mandy a mom of 3, homeschooling 2 of the 3, military wife, and I am a recent weight-loss patient.

2. Why did you decide to try blogging?

I decided to try blogging because I want to help others through their journey and I wanted to provide as much insight as possible to allow others to make a more educated decision.

3. What and/or who inspired you to have weight loss surgery?

My inspiration for my surgery was my family. I had lived a life of shame due to my weight and decided it was time to get healthy to be able to be active with my children because they deserve nothing but the best.

4. What is the best AND worst after having weight loss surgery?

One of the best things for me after having my surgery is the ability to be more involved with my family and do more active things. I have been lucky and haven’t experienced any side effects. However, surgery doesn’t cure food addiction. That would probably be the worst thing for me.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Within 5 years I hope to be able to reach out and help others on their fitness journeys regardless if it’s before or after weight-loss surgery or just exercise and dieting.

…and there you have it. A few interesting facts about Mandy and we are well on our way to getting to know her better. I am very excited for what she brings to the table in regard to weight loss surgery and maintaining a healthy body in general. Over the coming months, we’ll see more of her perspective on lots of healthful topics and I can’t wait for you to see what’s happening next!

For your health and mine,





Read Mandy’s first post right here – a reality check for sure! And you may read a bit more about Mandy on our About Page! 

If you’ve got items of interest and/or would like to know more about (whatever), let us know, below. The more the merrier on our path toward total body health.

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