4 No Bread Crust Pizza Ideas from Pinterest

It isn’t easy to keep bread crust out of pizza. But it can be done. And so darn tasty, too. I’ve tried several alternatives and now I am bringing them to you. If you are craving pizza but would rather or absolutely have to skip the bread crust, these are for you.


Want pizza? Try these:

1 – Cauliflower Crusted Pizza / So good and with plenty of room to add whatever toppings you like. Plenty of yum for everyone!

pizza - cauliflower-crusted-pizza

2 – Coconut Flour Pizza Crust / I had no idea you could even do this, but it’s pretty wicked cool.


3 – Low Carb Spinach Pizza Crust / It blows my mind that you can use spinach to make a tasty pie crust. You can and it’s good.


4 – Oopsie Bread Pizza / This is also known as cloud bread (we’ll be talking more about that, soon) and is incredibly tasty for personal pizzas that you can top with anything you like.


And there you have it. 4 delicious alternatives to bread crust pizza. There are other crusts, such as cheese, cream cheese, and even beer crust pizza. But if you are looking for healthy that also tastes great, you’ve got your pizza crusts right here.

Oh, here are a few of my favorite toppings, too: 

  • Cheese
  • Beef
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions

Nothing too exotic, but the tastes all together are insanely good and good for you, too!

For your health and mine,






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How do you like YOUR Pizza Crust?



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