No More Journaling? San Journals 16

I don’t know if this journaling thing is really worth it for me, anymore. It’s starting to feel like a chore and one that I don’t want to do. To relive the last 3 years – all the pain, sadness, struggle for our whole family…

I think I’m over it. Maybe I just need to lay down my journaling pen for now and focus on the present.

Yah. That sounds like a good plan.

Let’s look at our last five helpful posts at 6 Miles Daily and forget the journaling.

For now.


Forget the journaling, let’s keep getting healthier!

1 – Need Cardio? Here you go…


3 great ways to get your cardio workout and have fun doing it. Enjoy!

2 – Not sure what to tell your waitress the next time you eat out? Keep it simple…

Dining Out

If you are having trouble or are feeling awkward when dining out after weight loss surgery, don’t fret, just do this…and enjoy!

3 – Let’s get rid of the old to make room for the new…

Fat Clothes

This is such an important step in your overall health and wellness weight loss journey. Most surely more psychological than the physical act suggests! ENJOY!

4 – No gimmicks or tricks, just 3 simple steps…

Lose Weight

If you are in luck with a working metabolism, these 3 simple steps may definitely aid greatly in your weight loss success. Focus, determination, and…enjoy!

5 – Well, now you need new clothes. Let’s not break the bank…

New Clothes

Now that you’ve rid yourself of those old clothes, you’ll need new ones. Let’s be frugal AND fabulous! And definitely. Enjoy.

As for the journaling, we’re taking a break. And if you are wondering what on earth we’ll fill these Wednesdays with, going forward (for now), no worries. I’ve got a few cool ideas coming your way.

For your health and mine,





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Do you do any journaling?



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