Pay It Forward, she said – San Journals – 1

Pay it FORWARD, she said. Perhaps not with that much fervor. But she meant it.

Pay it forward.

I try to do that on a regular basis in many areas of my life. It’s selfish, really. Wanting to do one better, because someone did for you…

Pay it forward.


And so I begin.

Telling my story about what exactly happened two (plus) years ago and all that has followed.

It’s a long story. And I’ve put off writing it down (for the most part) for many reasons.

Who wants to hear me whine?

Will it be anything anyone wants to read?

Will, by the time I finish writing it all down, I finally have a diagnosis?

That last would be wicked good. To finally know what caused my head pain and why it has continued to this day. While they have been able to figure out the fibro, and I was given the diabetes via a most horrific pill (more on that later), no one has ever figured out the head pain.

24/7. Pain in my head.

It’s enough to make a person go insane (yes, I am in therapy).

And, as I write this, my pain level is a fabulously comfortable 3.5-4. I hesitate to dream that it will continue downward (the level of pain), this is the best I’ve felt (in my head) for more than two years.

I chalk all that up to all the things we are now implementing because of that day, in her office when she said, “Pay it Forward. Write it down and share it with the world.”

I’m not sure how this journaling will go, except to know that I plan to share small blog posts with you as I chronicle my story. I can’t promise some parts won’t suck (it’s a long story and some parts do suck).

I’m just going to get it all out there and see where we end up. Now, to stop beating about the bush, let’s get on with the whole thing, shall we?!!

…for my health and yours,





…to be continued…stay tuned as San Journals 2

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