PayPal or Amazon January 2017 Giveaway

Win Up to $300 PayPal Cash or Amazon Gift Card in January!

Who’s up for some PayPal Cash or Amazon Gift card, this month? How about increasing the odds of winning? Who doesn’t need a little boost after the holiday season? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you are in the right place. We are giving away up to 3 prizes with this January 2017 Giveaway and all you have to do is enter to win. It sounds simple, because it is. The one thing we hear over and over is how easy it is to enter, how well our giveaways are run, and how quickly we pay out.

Thank you for that. Sincerely. Without all of you, we can’t continue to give away. And we do love to give stuff away.

PayPal or Amazon January 2017 Giveaway

So. Here’s how it’ll work for our January 2017 Giveaway at 6 Miles Daily.

Your choice: PayPal Cash or Amazon Gift Card.

  • 0 – 8000 entries: $100 (your choice) winner chosen.
  • 8001 – 12000 entires: 2nd $100 winner chosen.
  • 12001 + entries: 3rd $100 winner chosen.

That’s up to $300 in PayPal Cash or Amazon Gift Card up for grabs this month, here at 6 Miles Daily.

So who wants to win?

Here’s what you do:

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Official January 2017 Giveaway Rules

And if you want to increase your odds of winning, you have plenty of chances to do so. With multiple entry options, you aren’t guaranteed to win, but your odds of doing so are greatly improved the more entries you submit. We don’t want any hoop jumping or complicated guess work going on. You want to win and we want to award all three prizes.

So. January 2017 Giveaway here at 6 Miles Daily. Up to $300 to be awarded. Don’t miss out. And good luck to all.

For your health and mine,




We are actually hoping to award up to $900 this first month of 2017. Visit our sister sites and enter to win there, too.

@ Informed Sharing:

Informed Sharing January 2017 Giveaway

@ The Gluten-Free Foodsmith:

January 2017 Giveaway

What will you do with your PayPal Cash or Amazon Gift Card?




51 thoughts on “Win Up to $300 PayPal Cash or Amazon Gift Card in January!

    • I got a new one for Christmas and LOVE it. A little nicer than what I may have gotten for myself, but my husband says I deserve it. πŸ™‚ I’m working on hat, scarf, gloves to match. πŸ™‚

  1. I would use the winnings to catch up on my bills ( unfortunately nothing fun) I’m past due on most of my bills and am trying to catch up, so I can breathe again.

  2. I recently got into making my own sourdough bread so I’d probably buy some accessories for that.
    A baking stone, proofing basket, etc.

  3. I would buy my needs for work and half for my parent’s home needs… thanks for the chance and more giveaways specially Worldwide Paypal Cash Giveaways to come…

  4. Id love to buy the kids some more board games for family night. And some ebooks for the kids and I love reading especially in winter

  5. So many things I could spend this on, we need new living room furniture, to start on some house renos and save for some planned vacations so would have to choose one of those!

  6. I would spend my January winnings on my daughter’s birthday next month (February). Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway.

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