Pureed Food Stage

What Can I Eat? The Pureed Food Stage

Here we are, breaking down the pureed food stage for you. As with the pre-op diet stage, your program may have different guidelines for you to follow during this stage. You will want to make sure you are sticking to your own individual plan – this post will give you plenty of ideas for just how to do that.

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Pureed Food Stage

This pureed food stage may last anywhere from 1 week to six, again, depending upon the guidelines of your own program. Our weight and wellness program here in Maine, recommends this pureed food stage for week 1 and 2. This begins your new life after surgery and gets your body (and new belly) on the right path to success.

So what can I eat in this pureed food stage?

Keep in mind that your new stomach is as delicate as a newborn belly and should be treated as such. You may only be able to consume one to two tablespoons of blended/soft (pureed) food per meal at this stage. You must also remember that it is most important that you are getting in your fluids (64 ounces per day, according to our program) and your protein (60-70 grams at this stage), first. There are lots of pureed or soft foods for this pureed food stage.

What Can I Eat? The Pureed Food Stage

  • Yogurt (low-fat and smooth, no big chunks of fruit at this stage)
  • Cream of Wheat or Oatmeal
  • Cream of rice
  • Fat-free Refried Beans
  • Kidney Beans (or pinto or black, pureed)
  • Chili
  • Blended Soups
  • Shredded Cheese (low-fat and melted)

You may also continue to enjoy your protein shakes at this pureed food stage. Keep in mind to watch calories and sugar, whatever your favorite protein shake choice(s) may be. I am still having at least one protein shake a day (15 weeks out), in the morning, to get me going for the day (breakfast has never been my favorite – consuming a bunch of food first thing – but it is the most important meal of the day)

You may also keep in mind that getting in your protein and fluids is still the most important thing for you to be doing for your newborn belly at this pureed food stage. You also do not want to add foods in too quickly, as you don’t know what your stomach can tolerate at this stage.

Bonus Tips at the Pureed Food Stage

  • Solid foods must be blended
  • Be done eating before you are stuffed full
  • Don’t force yourself to finish the meal
  • Foods must be kept moist and blended
  • Begin now (if you hadn’t already) to keep a food log. This will help you stay accountable throughout the transition to your new life.

Last but not least, whatever you eat on the pureed food diet, make sure you take it slow. Foods that you can tolerate one time, may cause you issues another. Take your time and choose wisely. This is your life and you are responsible for the choices you make. So make them smartly and in regard to your health – you own this.

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