Fat Clothes

Purge Your Fat Clothes – You Will NEVER Wear Them Again!

Fat clothes. If you are on any sort of weight loss journey, chances are you have fat clothes. And let’s not worry the word choice. Calling them “fat”, I mean. I could have said, larger, bigger, sized…but I didn’t. I chose the word fat with no intentions of offending anyone. Tis what it is. If you have larger sized clothes in your closet that you can’t fit into anymore, get rid of them.

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Fat Clothes

Purge your fat clothes. You will never wear them again.

That’s the plan, right? You are working on getting healthy and that includes dropping a few (or more) pounds. So what are you doing hanging on to those fat clothes? I don’t care what you do with them, just purge them, you don’t need them. This time you will reach your weight loss goals and that means that you won’t need those oversized clothes anymore.

Ways to purge your fat clothes?

  • Dump your closet completely and pack up anything everything that doesn’t fit.
  • Dump your dresser drawers and do the same.
  • Separate into trash/give away/donate piles.
  • Remove those fat clothes from your home.
  • Reorganize your closet and/or dresser.
  • Consider some new duds (we’ll be talking more about ways to stay frugal and fabulous, coming soon).

Because weight loss is such a psychological thing (beyond the physical), we tend to hang on to our oversized clothes…just. in. case.

Just in case? 

What. We fail. We need those fat clothes again. We love that shirt and it’s so comfy and…

Purge those fat clothes – you will NEVER wear them again.

Because if you commit to getting healthy and staying that way, you will find you have a better time being there when you aren’t weighed down (literally) with extra clothes that serve no purpose.

My former mother-in-law once gave a bunch of clothes to me to pass along to a friend who at the time was smaller than the sizes intended for her. I told my former…that she had no need for them and this woman (trying so hard to be nice here, there’s a history and…anyway…) says: that’s okay, she can keep them for when she gets big again.


A trillion times no.

This vicious trap is one many of us struggling with our weight get ourselves into. Let’s just keep that because…


A trillion times no.

Purge those fat clothes. Tell yourself you will never wear them again. And you won’t.

For your health and mine,





PS: okay, it’s okay to keep one or two larger sizes if you are intending to show progress along your weight loss journey. You’ll note in the pic above, I’ve kept one shirt (didn’t know it had pleats when I first put it on…but lookie there…) and one pair of jeans, for pics purposes only. The rest is on its way to a good home. 🙂

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Just one more time: my use of the word fat here is in no way meant to offend anyone. Of all the words I’ve used to describe myself being overweight, this particular word is relatively harmless. I could have dressed it all up but I didn’t. Bottom line? If the word offends you, perhaps you should be working on figuring out why. And if you have a valid reason I should not be using this word in this way, let me know. I’m always open to learning knew things. Either way? Let’s just purge the clothes you don’t need right now and move along to the next step…coming soon!

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Are you still hanging on to fat clothes? Why?



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