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Where Have We Been – Relaunching 6 Miles Daily dot com

Colette and I began this site back in July 2015, hoping to encourage each other and all of you, to just simply move more. To eat better. Be hydrated. And to get us all in the routine of doing all that on a daily basis. Launching 6 Miles Daily . com has been a dream of mine for a long time and we were so excited to get going with it all.

And then we up and disappeared. Yikes. Truthfully? I was the one who crapped out; but Colette soon followed, not by choice but because she just couldn’t keep up with all that needed doing for this site and our Facebook page. Totally understandable and ridiculously regrettable. But there we were.

6 miles daily dot com

And here we are.

But first, I need to explain WHY I wasn’t able to successfully launch this site back then. I had a setback with my chronic condition and for 10 weeks, I was down and out – mostly left in bed. Given all that I’ve been through these last 2+ years, that 10 week period was, perhaps, the worst of it. I didn’t begin to feel half way human again until some time in October. And I still wasn’t able to do much for some time after that, recovering has been a long road, all the way to here.

I had hoped to relaunch 6 miles daily on January 1st, but by mid December, I knew that wouldn’t happen either. I had been working really hard, on me, and that was where my focus needed to be. And still is. I’ve come a long way since last July and though I am still in considerable pain most of the time, it is manageable, due to the many things I’m doing – following our meeting with the head specialist down in Boston (more on that as I journal).

And now we are ready to relaunch 6 miles daily and do it right. Our dedication to helping us all live better is our main focus and we are excited about what’s to come.

What you can expect from 6 Miles Daily . com?

  • Weekly journal entries about my whole ick sick story and updates from Colette, too!
  • Monthly Giveaways (as we grow, we’ll offer more than monthly, depending on feedback we receive from you)
  • Eating, Drinking, and Exercise tips and tricks

…and we hope to encourage some of you to contribute directly to our site, too. (more details soon)

We want to build this site in a realistic way, to not just be positive role models, but to share with you the downsides of trying to lose, maintain, and simply be more healthy. It’s not all roses and rainbows, and we want to share all of it, from the human perspective.

Beginning Wednesday, I will be journaling my ick sick story from the very start. It’s a long story and I plan to break it up into reasonable-to-read blog posts. We will mix it up by sharing health conscious tips and tricks and giving away some awesome get fit items.

First giveaway here at 6 Miles Daily . com?

A brand new FitBit Flex. With a couple fun extras thrown in. There are multiple ways to enter and don’t be shy about sharing with your friends and family. The more folks who enter the giveaways, the more giveaways we’ll do.

So yah. We’re back and we are better than ever – or in any given moment, we are the best us that we can be. We look forward to having you join us on our way to better health – mine, hers, and yours!






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