Retrain Your Brain

Retrain Your Brain or You Could Gain!

Anyone who has ever been on any kind of weight loss journey knows that you must retrain your brain or you will gain. That losing weight, getting healthy and staying that way, is as much a mental game as it is physical. No matter what you are doing to lose weight, if your head isn’t in the game, you will lose (and not the weight you so desperately want gone).

Retrain Your Brain

I come to you with this today, not to offer tips for how to retrain your brain, but just to share how important this psychological step really is. Oh, you know me. There will probably be tips scattered throughout, though you’ll have to pick and choose what is logical for you.

Retrain your brain.

If you don’t take the steps to make sure your brain is on track with your body and spirit, you will most likely fail at this weight loss thing.

And if you are anything like me, you know how many times you have failed (well, I haven’t counted them, I couldn’t possibly, honestly) and the reasons why.

It’s not like your body suddenly decides it isn’t going to move anymore. It definitely has nothing to do with how your spirit feels…

…but wait. Doesn’t it?

You see. Your brain, those voices in your head, they tell the story. And it can be one with a happy ending or another miserable fail.

For those of us who have had to have weight loss surgery, we simply can’t afford to fail. We have (most of us, I imagine) tried every other thing and have beaten ourselves up to the point of breaking. Of believing 1000% that we will never be healthy.

Forget thin.

It’s the healthy that matters. Another thing our brain tricks us about. With society’s help, of course (another post for another time).

By the time I needed weight loss surgery, I had wrecked my body beyond what is normal and could not make my metabolism work the way it is supposed to. Getting sick and gaining more weight on top of it, was the final straw.

But I didn’t just sign up for surgery, have it done, and all the weight fell off.

I joined our Weight and Wellness Program in October 2015. I went through rigorous exercises to ensure I would be in the right way come surgery time.

Copious amounts of therapy with my own talking doctor, and their social worker. Plus dietician and nurse visits. Time with my PCP. And plenty of discussion with my husband and daughter about what this life-changing event would mean for all of us.

Did I retrain my brain?

Well. If nothing else, I laid a fairly large foundation for success. I did and said all the right things. And I got to have my surgery. I’m down more than 100 pounds with only 50-70 pounds left to go.

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My body is responding in ways it hasn’t for years and years and years. And years. The reboot to my metabolism is working.

But if I don’t continue to mold my brain into the right thinking about my health and what it means to be healthy physically AND mentally, there is a good chance I will fail at this.

As a food addict (once one, always one) and over-analyzer of most everything, I work every darn day to stay on the right path. And I don’t always succeed from moment to moment. With all my coaching, mentally and physically, to KNOW that I could step off at any time is a very scary thing.

Bottom line?

You must retrain your brain or you could gain.

It’s real. It’s scary. And it matters. Greatly. Your mind, body, and spirit must all be on board for this crazy amazing adventure and if so, you just may realize your true desire. That you CAN be healthy. You CAN be happy. You CAN actually be at a weight that your mind accepts, your body can handle, and your spirit celebrates.

Do that. Be that. And live fully. You darn do deserve it.

For your health and mine,





This isn’t just a jumbled mess above – welcome to a tiny taste of what is happening inside my head as I navigate this new, weird, and wonderful path.

And speaking of tastes, have you tried any of these pizza crust ideas?


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Stay tuned as we enter the big holiday season for lots of helps about how to live (not just survive) through it and emerge safely and smartly to the other side! #workinprogressalways

Have you retrained your brain to stay in tune with your body?



16 thoughts on “Retrain Your Brain or You Could Gain!

  1. So important to retrain our brain when it comes to weight loss and our health. I have to retrain my brain every day for success!

  2. My weight scale says less than my body does! I barely even need any iron pills anymore and i mustve lost inches but the scale is only going down by a bit

    • Make sure you are taking inches measurements right along with stepping on the scale. It helps SO MUCH when the scale is mad at you, lol. But seriously. And pics, too. Good luck to you in all your life. 🙂

  3. I have stopped obsessing about the number on the scale. It was making me crazy. When I got to the number I obsessed about it wasn’t low enough. I got unhealthy mentally. As long as I fit in my clothes and feel healthy and strong that’s all that matters to me now. 🙂

  4. I definitely need to retrain my brain, I think that I will not overeat but if something tastes good, I just cant stop until I feel like I’m going to pop. I think I need to stop eating things that I really enjoy for a while and see if that helps.

  5. Maintaining weight loss is harder for me than losing it. I definitely need to retrain my brain to know what correct portion sizes are.

    • It’s so easy to fall into a trap of : just one more bite : Ya know? Bottom line is that none of it is easy, we just have to remain diligent for our own health. 🙂

  6. Great advice! I need to remind myself that this is a journey and it’s okay to make mistakes. I just need to keep trying everyday to maintain my health.

  7. That number on the scale drives me crazy.. I think I am doing so well then I weight myself and I get so disappointed.. So after many years of scale watching I go by my own plan.. eating well with correct portions for my height and age and being careful at holidays.. i enjoy all the goodies but in moderation and watch the wine and cocktails.. There comes a time in your life when you just have to let some things go so I have let the size 4 I was years ago go!!!

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