6 Miles Daily September Giveaway

Win BIG in September – $75 Paypal or Amazon + Runner Up Prize!

Not only can you win BIG in September AND you get to choose $75 PayPal Cash OR Amazon Gift Card, we are also going to give some lucky runner-up the same options, if we reach 8000 entries this month. How awesome is that? Pretty darn sweet, I’d say. And all you have to do is enter to win, now. You are welcome, too. This is our 5th giveaway this year and we are having a blast spreading some cash!

6 Miles Daily September PayPal or Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I have gotten so many notes, comments, and emails, thanking me for running simple giveaways. Having done my homework throughout, I get it. You don’t want to jump through a bunch of hoops to have a chance to win anything. Which is why we give you lots of options to enter, but enjoy keeping it simple for each. Choose how you want to enter and how often, through the entire month of September. Want to enter to win now? Of course you do.

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Official 6 Miles Daily September Giveaway Rules

Every month. I am like a kid in the candy store…or Santa…or…I don’t know. I just love to give stuff away. Especially when it’s cash and/or gift cards. With this great giveaway, you have the option of choosing either or. AND. Don’t forget that if we reach 8000 entries this month, I’ll choose a runner-up to win (their choice PayPal Cash/Amazon Gift Card) $75, too.


Don’t wait around for me to finish this post, get to entering to win, NOW! Well, you may wish to scroll to the end, as we are giving away at our sister sites this month, too. Good luck to you. And you. AND YOU!





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Good luck to ALL! 🙂

What will you spend your September Giveaway winnings on?



108 thoughts on “Win BIG in September – $75 Paypal or Amazon + Runner Up Prize!

  1. I would choose Amazon since its a hassle resetting my PayPal password, I pretend I don’t have an account. I’d buy some presents for my younger brother’s birthday in November.

  2. I would probably choose amazon and I’d use it towards a new pair of running shoes!
    Or a new running jacket for the winter.
    Last year I just used a long john long sleeved shirt.
    Not the greatest at keeping out the cold wind. 🙂

  3. I would be fine with either one, so it would be hard choosing. I’d probably use it towards coats, socks, and gloves for my kids for winter! It won’t be long until we have cold school mornings being in Iowa, too!

  4. Either one works for us. We shop Amazon monthly for household products, pet foods, and supplements we can’t get locally, so that would be useful. But PayPal cash gives us a little more wiggle room in the budget, depending on when it comes in, and would be great to put towards our debt elimination goals.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. It really wouldn’t matter much,since I use both Amazon and Paypal. But probably Amazon, since I am saving up in that account to but a particular item for my bedroom.

  6. I would choose the Amazon gift card. I would use part of it to buy Beauty and The Beast on Bluray and save the rest of the credit for Christmas shopping.

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