New Clothes

Shopping for New Clothes? 8 Ways to Stay Frugal and Fabulous!

If you are on any kind of major weight loss journey, you may soon realize that you need new clothes. You may also realize that while you need to be clothed for most of your activities throughout the day, you don’t wish to break the bank to be fabulously dressed. Possibly you can’t break that bank (I know I can’t…). So we’re going to talk about ways to stay frugal and fabulous while shopping for new clothes. I’m super excited about this, because I’ve saved serious $$ just by sticking to my frugal side. I’m hoping you can, too.

(of course, as the husband says: you aren’t really saving if you are spending; just don’t spend…well, who asked that guy, anyway…)

New Clothes

Bottom line (as we begin) is that if you want to show off your new size as you lose, you will need new duds. Let’s just see how we save.

Shopping for New Clothes? 8 Ways to Stay Frugal and Fabulous!

1 – Walmart

I have been hitting up Walmart for some serious savings throughout the last 6 months. If you are dropping weight like I am, you can’t afford to shop the mall every time you drop a size or three. I stick to the clearance sections and have managed to be clothed throughout my 100+ pound weight loss.

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Walmart is also good for workout duds (apparently, I’ve become some sort of soccer mom, according to the kid…I just like the style I’m rockin’…let’s not label it, lol). They have a significant amount of leggings, sports bras, and other workout gear you may need – and at prices you can live with. If you still struggle with getting past the “it’s Walmart and I can never find…”

Look, I know. I couldn’t shop for clothes there when I was so big. And I honestly don’t know if I’ll continue shopping there once I get to my new weight (I have no set goal and neither should you). I’m also not sure why I wouldn’t, because many of the clothes I’ve gotten from there in recent months are much better made than some of the stuff I’ve gotten from higher end stores in the mall (yep, we can still shop the mall and save).

So yah. If it’s a great deal (like their tanks for $1.68 – because yes, I am now a person who layers…), why wouldn’t I snatch it up? Some of this stuff has only been worn a couple times and then I’ve shrunk again and it’s on to the next size. Seriously, though. Those tank tops are a steal. They are the perfect length and well made and at that price, I’ve stocked up for as I continue to downsize.

And now that I’ve written a small novella about how to save at Walmart, let’s see where else we can spend less and stay fabulous while shopping for new clothes.

2 – Goodwill

Goodwill is another place where I had trouble finding anything decent in my size when I was larger. By the time a 2x or 3x gets to Goodwill, in my experience, there isn’t a whole lot of life left in it.

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I would get more than a little frustrated that so many other folks seemed to save by shopping for new clothes at Goodwill (any thrifty stores, really) and I never could. But now? Now I’m rocking a size 13 and the world is my oyster. At least when it comes to finding great deals at Goodwill. You will probably have to devote some time to digging through the masses, but you’ll be rewarded when you find the fabulous and are staying frugal all at the same time.

Check out when your local thrift stores are having sales and be sure to take advantage of markdowns while you shop.

And while you’re there, you may want to unload any larger sizes that have no business hanging out in your closet (see above related post).

3 – Borrow and/or trade with friends

Now is a great time to hit up your friends for any clothing they may not be wearing. If they happen to be on their own weight loss journey – maybe you’re a size up or down from each other – SHARE! Share the fabulous and stay frugal doing it by shopping for new clothes right in your best friend’s closet.

You should let them know, first, of course. Don’t just go in and start pulling stuff off hangers…

And don’t forget to barter if needed. You’ll take those unused clothes off their hands and you’ll give them… You’ll figure it out. How to borrow and/or trade with friends for getting you into some new duds at a reasonable (perhaps free?) cost is completely up to you.

4 – Yard Sales

Tis the season for not a lot of yard sales (at least up here in the Northeast, USA), but depending on where you live, staying frugal and fabulous while shopping for new clothes can be had at yard sales. Lots of folks just want to be done with it by the time something lands in their yard sale. You have the potential for finding some great clothing items at seriously awesome prices, right in your own neighborhood. Hit the streets, say hi to the friendlies, and reap your rewards for being smart by also being well clothed.

5 – Make Your Own

If you are savvy enough to make your own clothes while on your weight loss journey, you will for sure be frugal and fabulous while “shopping for new clothes”. I always claim to be not-that-crafty but I’m actually considering expanding my love for crochet into other areas, like sewing…we’ll see. Though I did make this crochet dress for a Halloween costume, recently.

New Clothes

So, I could crochet some stuff, I suppose. But seriously. If you have a sewing machine and an aptitude for patterns and measuring (you’re marking your measurements as you shrink, anyway, right?), then you can get busy making your own clothes. Heck, you may find you have such a knack that you wind up making it a business – frugally and fabulously clothing your friends and family, too.

6 – Online/In Store sales

If you like to shop online for stuff and can handle buying in the right sizes, you may find some excellent online sales for clothing items you need as you reduce your size. Pay attention to where you are shopping and how their sizes run. Most every store is different, but many have specific sizing charts to help you navigate the proper clothing sizes.

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You may also find coupon sites for in-store savings, too. You can easily print these or simply take your smart phone with you and at the checkout, have them scan the coupon right from your phone. All this may require some time and attention to detail, but you can save by shopping the best deals online.

In store, you may also find some great deals. I’ve shopped Forever21, Aeropostale, Macy’s, Pink, and JCPenney’s for some great deals. With $4 leggings at Forever21 and so many other great deals at other mall stores, you can stay frugal and fabulous while shopping for new clothes in store.


7 – Resize

Perhaps you love your old clothes and want to resize them. You can. And if you can do it yourself, you’ll save yourself a ton of money by simply shrinking your clothes while you shrink your body. This option is not without its struggles if you aren’t a sewer. You may have to consider hitting up a friend or family member to help you with this. And if you must, find a good seamstress (or tailor?) to get your best fit. This may cost you, so make sure to pay attention to every detail.

New Clothes

8 – Consign

Here is where you can potentially EARN MONEY while you stay frugal and fabulous with your own new clothes. Purge your fat clothes and if they are in decent shape, consider consigning them. Find a good consignment shop and haul them all in. You can then take your earnings and shop the store for your new smaller size. If you are careful with what you buy, you may have money left over – drop that into savings for the next shopping trip OR put it toward a greater reward for your awesome focus as you continue to get healthy. Maybe a day at the spa or an overnight with your favorite guy or girl…

No matter how you clothe yourself while you drop weight, if you want to stay frugal and fabulous while shopping for new clothes, you will want to talk advantage of the above options. It’s so important to your overall health (mind, body, spirit) to feel good from the inside out. Having the perfect outfit on any given day, absolutely lends validity to that. Just remember to have fun and don’t overspend. Chances are that whatever you buy today, may not fit in a week or month. Be smart, look smart, and don’t break the bank.

For your health and mine,





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How do you stay frugal and fabulous while shopping for new clothes?



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