The Stall - 3 Ways to Handle the Psychological Effects

The Stall – 3 Ways to Handle the Psychological Effects – LAWLS

In a stall? Just broke through a stall? Afraid you will stall? For manyΒ of us who have had (or will have) bariatric surgery, worrying about whether we will stall at some point throughout our weight loss journey, happens. We can’t help ourselves. After everything we’ve done to get to here, to step on that scale day after day and not see it move, or worse, have it go up, can be absolutely devastating in the worst psychological way.

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The Stall - 3 Ways to Handle the Psychological Effects

Having just been through a week long gain AND stall, I’m here to tell you, my mind played games with me this week that rivaled the Olympics. I had gained to 240.8 the next day after Saturday’s weigh in and promptly stayed there until the following Friday, then lost one measly pound for this Saturday’s weigh in.


#day104pic of #365days and it’s #weighin day. Let’s just get this out of the way. #igained this week. Up 4# and no. I’m not happy about it. I had a rough week all the way around and I was not handling it well. I am fairly sure I’m back on track, we’ll see. #momentbymoment #workinprogress I had G take a full body to remind me how far I’ve come! #confident I will succeed! #mylifedependsonit AND I get with these two πŸ’ž @grobinov @wolfeprints πŸ’žπŸ’― oh, and I’m wearing size 17 JEANS, today. #inawe #blessed 😳😁😎 I will strive for better #notperfect 😊 Till tomorrow, friends #beyou #bebold #youdeservethis #ideservethis #vsgcommunity #vsglife #vsg #weightlosssurgery #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightgain #sleevedlife #truth

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No matter what I told myself all week, I did not celebrate each moment as it came, and I consistently beat myself up at every turn, for being where I was. I didn’t recognize how far I’ve come.

A psychological mess. But there ARE ways around the mind games. There are several tangible ways to handle the psychological effects of a gain and/or stall. By the end of the week, I had wrapped my head around the whole thing and I am sure clearing my head, helped, too.

The Stall – 3 Ways to Handle the Psychological Effects

1 – Keep doing what you’re doing.

As in: don’t go backwards. So many times throughout ALL my weight loss journeys, if I found I’d slipped off the track, I would stay off, leading to more gain, complete lack of belief in myself, and closer to ending up worse than when I began. So don’t. Don’t go there. Evaluate all the things you know you should be doing, rid the routine of any bad habits that may have surfaced, and stick to the plan. Do so honestly or else. The first and worst person we lie to is ourselves. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the hard questions and be prepared for real answers.

2 – Change the plan.

Rather than contradicting the first way to handle the psychological effects of a stall, this goes along with it. When you sit down to evaluate the things you know you should be doing, something(s) may come up short. Send those things packing. You don’t need distractions, old habits, or new bad habits to get in the way of your total health goals.

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If you find, during your evaluation, that you need to tighten up, remove, or add to the plan to be on track, do so. Logically, realistically, and most of all, with careful honesty. You haven’t come this far to chuck it all and your brain will play the games if you let it.

3 – Remind yourself how far you’ve come.

Literally. Look at old pics, recent pics, and ALL the physical evidence of just how far you have crawled/walked/run in your weight loss journey. If you are experiencing a stall, the proof you need to buckle up and keep movingΒ forward positively, will be what you can actually see.

As a blogger, I am quite thoroughly documenting every step of this journey; however, we all should be keeping track, in order to stay on track. Your body, spirit, AND mind will thank you. Keep all this to remind yourself in the low times that you are not a quitter, just a loser (oh to be on that bench is a blessed thing), and you will succeed.

The Stall - How Far I've Come

BONUS tip to help you stay focused!

This is something I did not do enough of, this past week.

Get support. From whomever, wherever, whatever may help you stay focused on the end game and confident you will get through your gain or stall. The fact that I belong to several support groups and run one, myself, on Facebook, didn’t help me seek the support I needed this week. I didn’t even tell my husband that I was struggling this week, until Thursday, I think.

You need that support. Not just in the celebrations, but through the rough times, too. You need it, you deserve it, and it is well worth it.

YOU are well worth it.

Stalls are more common than you think. But there are ways to help you work through them. These 3 4 ways for helping you handle the psychological effects of a stall and/or gain may just be the formula you need to stay the path. And please know that I am right here with you in all ways, always.

For your health and mine,





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What has helped you live through a gain and/or stall?



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