8 Awesome Ways to Survive the Holidays without Overeating!

The holidays are fast approaching and for WLS folks, this sort of festive madness has the potential for serious derailment. Don’t let holiday parties and family get togethers blow all the hard work you’ve put in this year. You must plan for ways to survive the holidays without overeating. So many tempting and tasty treats, it’s not easy, no matter who you are. No worries. We’re going to share how to get us all through without tipping the scales in that other direction.

(see what I did there…with the scales and…sometimes I make myself giggle)

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ANYway. If you don’t want to overindulge, you must plan, be prepared, and don’t be afraid to just say no.


8 Awesome Ways to Survive the Holidays without Overeating!

1 – Bring your own.

Don’t fret that you can’t take your own bariatric-friendly food to (whatever). Keep it real by sharing a delish dish that is not only healthy for you, but for all the guests.

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2 – Eat before you go.

If you think you might be tempted by all the yummy treats but don’t want to overeat, eat before you go. Your belly will be full and you will feel less inclined to try everything at the party.

3 – Walk the room.

Not only will you be getting your steps in, walking the room will keep you away from the food table (plot your course) and on the right path to survive these holidays without overeating.

4 – Carry water around with you.

Grab a glass, fill it with water (and ice if you desire) and don’t let it leave your hand while you enjoy the party. With at least one hand occupied, you are saving yourself from potential overeating AND you are staying hydrated.

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5 – Meet new friends.

Become a social butterfly. Chances are, unless it’s your own shindig, that you won’t know everyone at the party. So go around and introduce yourself, make new friends and keep the grazing overindulgent foods to a minimum.

6 – Fill your pocket(s) with nuts.

Be prepared to stick to your weight loss plan and survive the holidays without overeating by snacking on nuts as you traverse the festivities. You’ll be getting in your protein all the while avoiding tempting foods that are not on your menu.

7 – Visit the bathroom.

I don’t mean you should set up camp in there, but visiting the bathroom can help you stave temptation. Look right in the mirror while you’re in there and remind yourself how far you’ve come and that you have no plans to go back.

8 – Don’t go.

This is not a recommendation for becoming a recluse during the holiday party season. But if you feel that you can’t avoid overeating, don’t go. Depending on how many holiday parties on your calendar, you may just be better off sitting one or three out.

And there you have it, eight awesome ways to survive the holidays without overeating. I know the holidays can be difficult to maneuver in regard to food, but you are stronger than you realize and ultimately, only you know how far you’ve come in your weight loss journey. Psychologically speaking as well as the physical. You certainly don’t want to erase all the goodness because you couldn’t keep your cool at a party (or three).

Enjoy the holidays, survive them, even. Without overeating.

For your health and mine,




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How will you survive the holidays without overeating?



3 thoughts on “8 Awesome Ways to Survive the Holidays without Overeating!

  1. The difficult part for me is if you are travelling with a group, and they are going out for meals regularly. Hard to find that balance between joining in but also keeping your distance and trying to stay away from temptations.

    • Being out is definitely more difficult to manage, so prepping ahead is key. Goodness sakes, its a moment to moment kind of thing… yikes. Here’s to hoping we both keep keeping on. 🙂

  2. This would be really hard, But good for health. Holidays is to improve our mental and physical health. I think all these 8 tips are perfect. Even last one is amazing.

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