7/16/15 – Workout Proof

Workout Proof 7/16/15 – 8.01 wonderful miles! It was a beautiful, mild, breezy night and I felt like I could run forever!! It was another run across the Casco Bay bridge, this time right into South Portland and it was perfect. Lots of hills though, heading up Danforth Street is a killer!     Keep Moving,

7/15/15 – Workout Proof

No Workout Proof for me today. My left knee is really bothering me and I’m paying attention to my body and chose not to run. However, I still “worked out”. I sanded all my cabinets and applied 3 coats of paint. Let me tell ya, that was a pretty good upper body workout!       Keep Moving,

7/11/15 – Workout Proof

Colette - Workout Proof 7.11.15

Workout Proof 7/11/15 – I’m not an exercise physiologist, not a trainer, I just kinda run what I run. So, today that’s just what I did, I got on the treadmill and did intervals again – my walk was 4.0 for a minute and my run was 6.0 for 3 minutes. Then because I had time, I did hill repeats for 10 minutes. Total run – 3 miles. Keep moving,

7/12/15 – Workout Proof

Colette - Workout Proof 7.12.15

Workout Proof 7/12/15 –  I held off as long as possible, it was ridiculously hot and humid today!!  But, I managed to finish a walk/run of 7.41 miles.  I was hot, I was sweaty, I was downright disgusting, but I was also crazy happy I got it done. Keep moving,