Maximizing Your Fitbit? 3 Ways to Do it Better!

Are you maximizing your Fitbit? Putting your best foot forward…so to speak… I need to get this out of the way before we go any further. I am a teeny tiny bit obsessed with my Fitbit Flex. There. I said it, it’s out there. We can move on. Whew. ANYWay… So are you? Maximizing your Fitbit, that is… It doesn’t matter which Fitbit you have. If you are having trouble with your steps, I’m here to share 3 little ways to help you do it better. I’m sure there … Read more…

7/15/15 – Workout Proof

No Workout Proof for me today. My left knee is really bothering me and I’m paying attention to my body and chose not to run. However, I still “worked out”. I sanded all my cabinets and applied 3 coats of paint. Let me tell ya, that was a pretty good upper body workout!       Keep Moving,

Doing 6 Miles Daily

Doing 6 miles daily

C (that’s short for Colette, which I find difficult to type out, I’ll explain that further along…) mentioned the other day (I’ll be starting lots of posts in much this same manner and with a terrifically conversational tone, too…) that she keeps forgetting that it’s: 6 miles daily. Not a 6 mile work out. But 6 miles total. Daily. Great point, my friend. Perhaps, we should tell the folks about my concept in a little more detail. Because doing 6 miles daily may seem like a lot. Especially … Read more…