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I can’t believe it’s been a month since my weight loss surgery and I am so excited for the numbers. My stats are pretty awesome (because they are mine, not comparing to anyone else and neither should you). But there is a better outcome from having vertical sleeve gastrectomy and I will share that, at the end! First, let’s look at some before and after pics, plus I’ll give you the whole run-down with my stats.


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So. The stats. I don’t think there is a one of us who isn’t closely tracking their numbers after weight loss surgery. And there are so many stats to track, too.

Highest weight (HW), surgery weight (SW), current weight (CW), inches gone…

…the list goes on and on.

*find all your weight loss surgery abbreviations right here*

And I love keeping track of all those stats, too. How many of us have started more than 3 notebooks with “the next best diet”, filling out the numbers and hoping for the best? Yah. Been there, done that. I said.

But this is different. This time around, my weight loss journey has been ramped up by the removal of 2/3 of my stomach, leaving a banana shaped pouch, where in I will always eat less, causing me to feel better, and with exercise, to lose those unhealthy pounds. There is no going back for me. I want this* too badly to give up.

Before - Stats - One Month

So. The stats. My stats, not to be compared (good or bad) with anyones else’s. We are each to our own, unique in our health and wellness journey!

Here’s where I am at for stats, one month post-op:

Stats - Fabletics - One Month

HW: 322 lbs.

SW: 302.6 lbs.

CW: 274.8 lbs.

TPD: 47.2

Total pounds down since surgery? 27.8 lbs.

Inches GONE since surgery: 31

Stats - Purple - One Month

The above is probably my favorite so far, for telling how far I’ve come from weight loss surgery in just one month. I love this shirt and when I bought it, KNEW that I would NEVER wear it without covering up my arms. The first and only time I did wear it, pre-op, was in Winter and I had the excuse of throwing a wrap on over it.

NOW? I still have fatty arms, but am confident in who my physical self is becoming and proudly wear this beauty, knowing that it will only get better from here.

And THAT is the BEST part of ALL of THIS*

I am getting healthier every single day. Reduced meds, better pain management, my ability to simply BE. It’s all improving daily and is the best part of the whole darn thing. Of course the weight loss is a very AWEsome bonus. But I know that my banana belly is just a tool; that I must work as hard or harder for it, as it is working for me. And to our continued health, all of us: mind.body.spirit.






I want to thank all the many people who are supporting me on this journey. Nearly everyone has commented that besides the weight loss, I just look (not seem or appear) happy and healthy. I am. I don’t just look it, I AM! Thank you from the bottom of my very full heart for noticing the most important aspect of all of this. My health and happiness! ♥

I’ll be here again in a month, for more stats updates. In the mean time, have you checked out our June Giveaways?

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Good luck to ALL!

Stay tuned for plenty more health and wellness stuff in June and thank you for stopping by! 🙂

What is one thing you struggle with along your weight loss journey?




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  1. You look great, and thats impressive for one month. I am overweight but surgery has never been an option. I have had friends who have had this surgery and most have done quite well. One gal is thin now and has stayed thin for over 10 years now.

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