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Welcome to 6 Miles Daily dot com

I read once that Will Smith believes you only have to (run) do 6 miles a day and you can then eat anything you want and…


I read that and what I “heard” were a couple things:

run 6 miles a day…

Colette RunningThe fabulous C, getting in her steps.

…well I can’t/won’t/shouldn’t (it’s not really good for all your joints and whatnot) to run…


I can eat anything I want…

So I did.

Forgetting that I should at least try and move those 6 miles a day. In some capacity.

Oh, I tried. And I believe what Will Smith does. You need to MOVE ya body to keep it working right. Also, I don’t think he eats like crap, either. I’m not for sure on that. But one only has to look at him to…


I’ve been noodling this for quite some time. And especially since I got sick and became unable to move a whole lot for a long time.

I want to try this 6 miles daily thing.

And eat healthy.

And drink lots of water (oh, yah. I am throwing that in there, too.) I already do this and it’s good for you. We’ll be talking a LOT about water throughout.

So I began this site with one intention.

To move more.

6 miles daily dot com

I plan to do that. I encourage others to join me.

We’ll be talking about a whole bunch of ways in which we can all be healthier. With the focus on moving more, eating well, and staying hydrated.

Who’s with me?

For your health and mine,