Work Out Proof

Workout Proof – What is It and Why It Matters to Me

I’m a behaviorist by profession and a data nerd by choice, so documentation is key for me.

So… I do Workout Proofs.  Workout Proofs came about because I was working with a trainer who believed this kind of “data” would track progress and help develop future training plans.

Workout Proofs are simple, just a quick note to document my workout.  The content of each Workout Proof can vary, but I choose to include the details of the workout itself, and a pic if possible.  (I actually love going back through my Workout Proof pics to see progress!  More on that later…)

The reality of this site is simply that – REALITY.  Life is busy, life can be overwhelming, life can take over, and because it sometimes does, I didn’t post my Workout Proofs for the past two days, but here they are.

My Workout Proof – 7/9/15:

Intervals tonight. For me, that means a combination of running and walking, both done for 1 minute. My walking is done at about a 3.5 and my running is done at about a 7.0-7.5 pace. Tonight, with the encouragement of our fans on Periscope, I managed to eek out a few trials at a 9.0 pace. Crazy difficult for me!!

Work Out Proof

My Workout Proof – 7/10/15:

I recently got a Fitbit and I gotta say I LOVE it.  (See?  I warned you, total data nerd!)  My goal is 15,000 steps daily.

I was sore from yesterdays intervals, so I chose a long walk today.  Across the day, I managed 18,031 steps, which equals 7.41 miles.  Approximately 6 of that was done through deliberate, active exercise.  The rest of it was just moving.


So, let’s hear it.  Tell me about your Workout Proof.  Any intentional movement counts.  Who else is moving??

Keep moving,





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