Are You a Slave to the Scale? 3 Reasons to Break That Habit FAST!

Last Wednesday, I began taking pics to share on Instagram. I vow one pic per day for 365 days. It’s a side by side shot every day, the scale (with my current weight) and me (full length). And while it started off okay – today was day 8 – it hasn’t been without its ups and downs.


Are you a slave to the scale? You may be doing more harm than good. 3 Reasons to break that habit FAST!


Are you a slave to the scale?

I ask this because it is easy to become one. Especially if you are working on becoming healthier.

Note: I didn’t say thinner or skinny or smaller… healthier!

When you are starting any new lifestyle (in regard to your health), it is important to remember to NOT become a slave to the scale. You may be doing more harm than good in that regard and you don’t need any derailments.


Are you a slave to the scale?

3 Reasons to Break That Habit FAST!

1 – You cannot trust your scale from day to day.

It’s true. That pesky scale may be smarter than you (mine is) but it can’t handle the ebb and flow of daily weigh ins. There are so many factors in how you weigh in (water, sleep, sodium – to name a few), that if you are doing it daily and it’s seemingly betraying you, you may want to consider the cause.

2 – Psychologically, you may be beating yourself up.

Repeatedly. Daily. It’s not healthy. You are already committed to becoming more healthy. Don’t beat yourself up when the scale doesn’t say what you want it to. This here is a serious derailment possibility in your new health plan. Don’t give yourself any reason to doubt your journey.

3 – Physically, your body is changing and this takes time.

You will begin to notice changes in your body as you continue on your healthy quest. This takes time and may be reflected poorly on the scale from time to time. Believe what your body is telling you and you will have much success.

When is the BEST time to weigh in (on that pesky scale)?

  • Once weekly.
  • Same general time each week.
  • Same general outfit.

I used to weigh in naked, but now I am much more comfortable, confident really, to know that wearing clothes is not a horrific thing when stepping on the scale. Sorry not sorry for THAT visual. Tis what it is.

So even though I am weighing in daily for the next 365 days minus 8 (357 and counting – there is a good reason for this), I am taking each day lightly, as I am not a slave to the scale (anymore). It’s taken me a long time to get HERE, but here I am. And so shall you be if you break the daily scale habit and FAST. Concentrate on weekly weigh ins, how your body is changing, and how that makes you feel healthfully – mind. body. spirit.

For my health and yours,





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